A disturbing confrontation between a Sacramento police officer and a man accused of jaywalking

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Police are conducting a criminal investigation after video shows the officer repeatedly punching the man.


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  2. A dashcam video released by the Sacramento Police Department shows an alleged jaywalker refusing an officer’s requests and commands, then shows the officer tackle the suspect and punch him repeatedly.

    Prior to being tackled, the jaywalking suspect can be seen taking off his jacket and can be heard telling the officer to put away his gun and “fight…like a real man.”

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  7. When the police say get on the ground you get on the ground. If you don't follow commands, what are police supposed to do, just go home and say oh well? This guy is lucky he didn't get shot dead and quite frankly in other countries like India they carry a switch with them where you'll get your Beating right on the street for jaywalking. The alternative is police have no power and what they say cannot be backed up with Force