ARK Survival Evolved PS4 XB1 Dedicated Fix Is Live/Incoming

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    ark survival evolved dedicated servers issues for ps4 and xbox one finally fixed
    ark xbox one ps4 servers coming soon
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    1. HELP!! i cant join my friends server for 6 days now it says join failed i reset my router my nat is open his nat is open we reset the server we tried everything he can join mine but i cant join his but i played perfectly fine before

    2. The update "defaulted" our settings, map would not load (all of them), we wiped our maps with great disgust. The maps load, but after any setting tweaks or changes, they do not load. They require a wipe to load. Dino wipes still cause server wide disconnects. So it appears all that was changed was button mapping. Thanks Wildcard.

    3. Hey jade was wondering if you could make a video for Xbox One regarding Procedurally generated maps, I am having issues loading it. Idk if my setting are the reason but I'm looking for settings that make the map huge but not big enough to crash the server I'm tired of the original maps so I'm looking to spice up my server.

    4. I've got a question for you why have the Ark devs changed the way they explain updates on ps4 you used to get an entire list even if most of the stuff on the list was very minor bull shit or at least you'd get better then the genralised info we get now 'bug fixes and crash' I'll tell you what my opinion is… Wildcard never gave a duck about the fans like Activision don't their fans they used to ensure you your investment was full steam ahead and they were doing all they could but now the game is near completion they don't have to do that suck up to fans stuff in a phew weeks they will be richer and anyone moaning still will be irrelivant to them to sumarise what I'm saying is Wildcard see fans like Activision (your just a means to get wealthy) and now the anticipation of the completion of the game draws near they couldn't care less it's win win for them now why would they

    5. I run 2 Dedicated Servers on Xbox One both with their own live account.
      The 1st running Scorched Earth and the 2nd running the island.
      after the updates now the servers will NOT even start it hangs at the Volcano entrance on the island and on SE seasonal on scorched earth.
      This crap is driving me nuts.

      Keep in mind i was not having much trouble with the servers before the update unlike many others.

    6. Lost my tribe gigas metal base the lot!! A years worth of work and I'm a solo player I'm gutted. DO NOT TRANSFER UR CHARACTER YOU WILL LOSE IT. I've put a ticket into wildcard but nothing back so I have no choice but to quit the game I loved. I really don't give a shit about my character I'm more upset about the fact I've lost all my tames and some noob will be able to claim all my stuff in 7 days. Fuck you ark.

    7. If we rent a server will we be able to switch between all of the maps like single player? I like how after you beat Al The bosses on one map you can move on to the next.

    8. I play on ps4 on a dedicated server and the spawns on that map are screwed. So many dinos that the frame rate drops to like 5 frames per second, I even saw 4 alpha raptors together and there like hundreds of carnos and paracers on the edge of the redwood.

    9. Stall not working crash at 47 minutes I been waiting do over a mouth and a half to play with my friend with out Alpha tribes wiping us out after the first day

    10. For me, (ever since the the update with the new saber model on PS4) whenever I close the Ark Application, I go to host local and all my single player settings are reset then I have to change all of them again every time I start Ark and its very annoying. is anyone else experiencing this problem? plz help :/

    11. the update doesn't fix the simplesky14 glitch on your world, and it crashes on Snapshot10 meaning whats the point of th update when you can't play on it? Like if you agree and if it happens