Case dismissed against USC student accused of campus dorm rape

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A male USC student maintains a 19-year-old female fellow student was insistent on having sex with him, but the case raised new questions about alcohol and consent.


  1. they were both inebriated…she was all over him pressuring him and guiding him, taking his hand to follow him. repeatedly and adamantly. he seemed hesitant at first even. if you are walking on two feet just fine, signing people up into your dorm and shit you are coherent enough that you are making your own decisions. if you dont remember the following day, it doesn't make your decisions the night before to not have happened….you have buyer's remorse from your choices so now the first thing you think of is claiming rape and possibly ruining a mans life you had consensual sex with that YOU initiated into?!?! these women need to be held responsible for themselves. how about a little personal responsibility? i also like the fact that even after surveillance and the courts cleared him of her accusation. they still have her face blurred, and name not mentioned…he should fucking sue her ass, and all men should do the same who are falsely accused. these women hold no personal responsibility and ruin well-meaning men's lives most of the time because the courts always favor women in cases of accused rape and they aren't held accountable when their accusation is shown false…

  2. Do what Christian Grey did with Anastacia!!!!…. Sign documents like 20-30 places, just to be sure of her sobriety first, then have s*x…. If it ever comes to court, well, im pretty sure those docs will help. xD

  3. Why is that only the man is required to obtain consent? Why is the woman not bound by the same criteria? And this study that they cited…"sexual assault or MISCONDUCT"? Are you kidding me? Is like asking women how many have either been married or thought of being married as a way to over-inflate the number. What a freaking joke. So the survey gives you a total of 80%, but then you never know how many of those answered affirmatively for "misconduct" and not assault. In theory, you could survey 1000 women, only 1 of which claims she was assaulted and the other 799 claim misconduct, and then you say that 80% were either assaulted or treated with misconduct. And what the hell is misconduct? How vague can you get. Is attempting to kiss a girl after a date misconduct if she does not want to?

    Time to stop this nonsense of shielding these lying accusers as well. They are not victims until their allegations are proven in court. Or, we should do what other European countries do and shield BOTH the accuser and accused until after the trial.

  4. Women are children. They can't be held responsible for anything they do. This is why they should not be allowed to leave their family home without an adult escort.

  5. Woman gets drunk and drives and hits pedestrian – "Oh she's not responsible for her actions because she was drunk."

    Man drunk drives and hits pedestrian – 100% responsible.

    That's basically the same thing this piece is saying.

    Sorry- but every individual is 100^ responsible for things they do when drunk.

  6. No She was wrong stop blaming the man all the time. Geeze women rape men and women. So glad he was dismissed. I'm tired of woman who get drunk own their own and then claim they can't give consent when clearly they did.. If you're going to get that wasted stay home and be to yourself. Stop messing up these young mens lives.

  7. The "concern" this brought out about drinking in campuses, however, the real concern should be this culture of falsely accusing men of rape with no consequences for lying while destroying the mans private and professional life. But no, let's undermine the injustice this young man faced by wrapping this segment with a case non-related to the story just to reinforce the idea that the 1st guy is really a rapist. ABC, more biased propaganda disguised as news.

  8. All these kind of girls are just after two things.
    1. Lets have fun and I will see you in court after this.
    2. Even If my plan fails I will play the "victim card" and use feminist platforms to ruin your career until you handsomely pay me.😅

    So, I do agree with feminists on one thing that men should just leave these kind of girls for good.😂😂😂

  9. "The man must ask her every time?" What's she a Queen or something, I mean WTF, I don't understand how "women privilege", and "equal rights" go side by side. Plain Disgusting.
    The bottom line is, female individuals should take responsibility of their own actions when they have equal(in reality more) rights.

  10. I know men abuse and take advantage of women and I'm 100% against it, but what I'm not understanding is if we are equal (men and women) then at what point is a woman responsible for her actions, because men are always drunk or sober responsible for our actions.

  11. This idiot saying ask for yes for everything!!!! why only man Why not woman also ask for yes? Whether I will do sex or ask for yes? These feminists made sex mechanical. Better to masturbate.

  12. So let me get this straight. Both of them were drunk , she led him all the way to her dorm to have sex and he is the rapist ? So, If a guy has sex with a girl. He is a rapist irrespective of circumstances , unless otherwise dictated by the feminazis ?

  13. Question for Everyone.
    The following scenario happens all the time, is it rape?

    A guy sees a girl he likes at a bar, he's too shy to approach so he builds up some dutch courage by drinking a lot . He approaches the girl, she sees he has had a few but sleeps with him anyway. Did she rape him? If so, female on male rape happens in ridiculous numbers in the US and the West generally . If you think this isn't rape but the reverse siituation is rape, then you are biased

    Food for thought.

  14. It's funny that a drunk woman can claim to have been raped for being too drunk to remember initiating sex with a stranger. Guys can only dream of that privilege. We all make mistakes, but that one's on her.

  15. If someone murdered someone while drunk, does that person get to claim that he shouldn't be held responsible? So why when a woman has sex when she's drunk, she isn't responsible for her choices?

    Sorry, being drunk does not constitute rape. Being blacked out does not constitute rape. I've done a lot of stupid shit that I don't remember at all while in a black out stupor that I had to hear from my friends about and dealt with the consequences of it. If you get drunk willingly, you deal with the consequences of your choices and actions while being drunk.

  16. Fucking dumb bitch. You women who think you can accuse any man just because you feel bad or made the wrong decision are wrong. Be fucking grown ups. Men need to start standing up to this horse shit.

  17. So now females who decide to get drunk and have sex and then blackout are victims?!

    Here's a clue for feminists who love, love, love being perpetual victims: Want to be in charge of your sexual decisions? Don't get drunk and have sex.

  18. If you think about it, it's really quite sexist. Why is the female's BAL the only relevant factor, could we not also say that HE was too drunk to give consent. If the word "no" is not once spoken, it isn't rape.

  19. The 19 year old should be held more accountable given she's not at the legal age to drink (21 in the states). Second of all, both parties should know their limits of drinking. Yes the guy was a fault for taking adavtange of her during her weakspot but she should have the common sense to know the law and how to act reponsible

  20. What?!! What about she raped him? From what I saw, she was forcefully dragging him by his hand. Looks like assault to me. He could counter sue for false accusation and battery

  21. So if she decided to drive a car that night and got pulled over, she would've been responsible for her actions and charged with a dui, but if she consents to sex while she is drunk all of a sudden it doesn't matter because she's a woman, even if the guy is drunk too. You can't fight for equality and want double standards too when you want to get your way.

  22. "1 in 5 female undergrads… reported they've been victims of sexual assault or misconduct"
    Question: What exactly qualifies as 'sexual misconduct' here? Because it feels like including sexual assault and sexual misconduct in the same survey has a disturbing potential to skew the statistics being reported here.

  23. Why are these girls getting so blotto drunk? if you don't know when to stop drinking then you shouldn't drink. If you wake up the next morning and can't remember what happened that doesn't constitute rape, how can a girl call rape if she doesn't remember what happened the night before? Girls have to take responsibility for themselves, their drinking and the guys they go home with.

  24. Dude was probably too drunk too. Feminists preach about equality but never in cases like these, it's always the mans fault and onus on the man. Hypocrites.