Chris Kelly of Rap Duo Kris Kross Dead at 34

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Authorities are investigating the circumstances surrounding his death & an autopsy is expected.



  1. He wasn't a one hit wonder rapper. He was one hit for the pop music billboard chart and they had 5 number ones for their specific genre of music, which is RAP. Each album they released later had atleast one rap number one single and they still sold 1.5 million copies of their second album U.S. and sold another 3 million units of that album overseas and the third went gold. They were a successful hip hop group. I have no idea who Jeff Hanneman is but I have heard of Slayer.

  2. Yup.

    Jump was the first ever rap song that made want to shoot the radio and TV for overplaying such a crappy track.

    One could almost say that it was around this time that rap began to die and fully sell out. Leading that charge was Dupri and Diddy.

    I would have became a junkie crack head too if i had help ruin such a great thing.

  3. One hit wonder rapper gets news attention. But Jeff Hanneman of Slayer, one of the most influential metal bands of the past 3 decades, passes today but doesn't even get a mention.
    No matter anyways, RIP to both of them.

  4. I agree w/jjn93 but it's too late 4 him now. What's that scripture that says… What shall a man profit to gain the whole world but lose his soul or what shall he give in exchange for his soul? It's so sad that we don't realize it until it is too late. There must be something VERY SPECIAL & VALUABLE about or souls that even GOD became man and laid aside all the riches of heaven to come here to redeem us AND satan &the demons trying so hard to keep us from making the right choices. Right??