CNN reporter sent to secretive N. Korea event

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CNN’s Will Ripley is given a last-minute invitation to attend a secretive event in North Korea


  1. I watch CNN because I like to have my emotional buttons pushed such that I am played like a fiddle. With CNN, I can put down any critical thinking and let the Pyracites do all my thinking for me. That way, I can be manipulated with the rest of the ignorant sheep, all for the outcomes of those with money and power. Who is more foolish, the fool, or the fools that watch CNN who merely follow…

  2. So it was claimed "secret". So this is one reference of "being secret". A unseen vagina exposed…and it is still the shape of a vagina. Someone's trip might be better.

  3. Kim Jung knows CNN will be on their side…..CNN is against Trump so is he… They are welcomed with open arms.
    CNN are experts in stirring for wars. Just look at their dramatizing and instigating wars in Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, Lybia etc.etc….

  4. Isn't it so crazy seeing this massive horde of Koreans and not a SINGLE ONE of them is fat or the least bit overweight whatsoever. Not one! I dare you to try and point one out. The only one who is fat, of course, is Mr. Supreme Leader who doesn't poop or pee with his pinky nail sized little teeny weeny red Asian peeny.

  5. Why depend on nuclears like if y'all want war fight soldiers to soldiers and see who wins. Like y'all think nuclears make you tough but no it makes you seem weak because you can't use hands to fight for your country.

  6. for building up to war with threats and leaving us with war sexual innuendo.

    We are going to level that shitty street. Fuck You North Korea. big event my ass. thats boring. where is your big attack on us.

    i say screw the nuclear bomb shit. lets just blow them away for explosion teasing us.

  7. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told reporters in Beijing.

    "We call on all parties to refrain from provoking and threatening each other, whether in words or actions, and not let the situation get to an irreversible and unmanageable stage,"

    We need to change for respect, and peace.

  8. He's standing out in the open with literally thousands of sniping positions overlooking the event. You could rid the world of one more crazed dictator with a single suppressed round for him and one each for all of his top military staff.

  9. North Korea will be the first country to stop letting white people in. Y'all either get in trouble or post something on YouTube that would be considered illegal in their country. I mean, fuck North Korea. Im just saying…..