EVGA SC15 1060 Gaming Laptop – The New Gaming Standard

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    The EVGA SC15 1060 Gaming Laptop is the new gaming standard. Featuring a stunning 15.6″ FHD IPS 120Hz G-SYNC display, the latest Intel® Core™ i7 quad core processor and NVIDIA Pascal™ GPU. The SC15 was designed meticulously from the ground up to provide the best laptop experience.

    The SC15 styles a sleek design with an aluminum frame, measuring no more than .89 inch at the thickest point. The SC15 is a high performance laptop that can handle intensive gaming and versatile enough to…


    1. Evga i like ur video cards but all your other stuff is way overpriced. Your motherboards are much more expensive than better boards and 1900 on these laptops is really meh.

    2. I got it.. Their form factor and screen are nice, but some design choices seem odd. Also the touchpad on mine is already breaking (Lags horrid very often I normally have to wait over a minute for it to start working normally again) and the delete key keeps coming off.. For a 1900 laptops these things simply should not happen. I honestly would suggest most people to get Gigabyte or Asus still. I kinda wish I could return mine for a better Gigabyte. I thought the build quality/size/monitor of this laptop would make up for the extra price, but honestly it doesn't. I will keep it because I am an engineer and this guy is easy to use for work and not look like a Giant game nerd ha.

      Also battery SUCKS… I dont know what engineer wrote off on the worse laptop battery to ever be put into a gaming laptop… but this guy has it.

    3. lame specs, lame form factor. all lame because i know this wont be sub 800-900 as it should be. instead it's gonna go for 1500 and up like it shouldn't.