Game of Thrones Images, Deadpool Animated Series – Collider TV Talk

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    On this episode of Collider TV Talk (August 10, 2017) Josh Macuga, David Griffin, and Grace Hancock discuss:

    – Game of Thrones stills from next episode

    – The Ballad of Buster Scruggs from Coen Brothers lands at Netflix

    – The FX TCA Panel: Deadpool, Atlanta, Fargo, etc.

    – Mr. Mercedes on Audience Network

    – The British Breakdown

    – Twitter questions

    – Pick of the Day

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    1. Ohhhhhhh, shit! Coogs just broke Kayfabe like a mahf! The Curtain Call all over again. Ha. Harloff… stay calm. Macuga… thank you for saying that out loud. Some people don't get kayfabe and be trippin'. 😀 Great show, gang! Off the top rooooope!!!

    2. anime is just a medium, not a genre, three's adult anime, some of the greatest stories in all media are anime, for real check it out and you'll find so much greatness!

    3. I don't believe it. The Schmoedown is real. I once saw a man come out with a severed hand. They called him The Beast. You telling me he cutoff a guy's hand for a fake show? Get out of here. Nice try but we all know what is real. Grace try to be nice to Emma and stay away from The Beast.

    4. Macuga's attitude towards West World is that of churlish toddler with a poopy-diaper . He deserves an authoritative slap in the face for it.

      It's not on your watch list? Fine… just say pass and move on.

    5. Deadpool better Break the fourth wall in his TV series. He like marvel's Freakazoid and Freakazoid was my favorite show back in the when I was 8. Deadpool is so badass and I hope marvel put Gwenpool in the mix.

    6. Josh said he didn't know what show we were watching if we didn't like that one pilot in this episode but he talks shit about westworld which is an amazing show. So I'm not sure what show he is watching there 🤔

      Also he doesn't have to watch the show his other colleagues can talk about it. Just like David does British shows and Emma watches anime.

    7. David THANK you for that British Breakdown and for the Doctor Who shout out! ONE correction… The show is called "Doctor Who," but the character itself is called "The Doctor." So yeah…. she's playing "The Doctor." It's a common mistake… but we forgive you cuz we love ya 😀

    8. This was the first show since you guys switched to TV Talk Daily that I felt had a similar feel to when you guys were weekly. I love when you guys give the show room to breathe and let your personalities shine! I felt like Macuga was guiding the show again like he did when it was weekly. The transitions were better and I felt like Grace's personality came out more and she was more relaxed. Still miss Mondays with the whole crew. And David good for you for shutting Macuga down about Westworld! Love the British Breakdown!