Gas Station Skimming: Is Your Credit Card at Risk?

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Undercover investigation follows how thieves can swipe your credit card information.


  1. Customers really need to be more vigilant during over the counter credit card transactions. Keep your eyes open and be aware of who is around you. Some day I'd like to see video of someone catching a credit card hacker in the act and giving them a bunch of fives.

  2. What's amazing is that when we tried to tell Safeway that it was either their Kennewick pumps or Cle Elum pumps they didn't even want to pass the info on to someone who would check into it.

  3. Cash transaction will be on the rise at some point. I for one will be focusing more on using methods of NFC via Google Wallet & PayPass but it needs to be available to more locations.

  4. I'd like to give a giant WTF were you thinking to whoever's bright idea it was to make a universal key to get into every and all pumps machines across the US. Also, thanks to them for making my @#$%ing fill up that much more of a god damn @#$%ing pain in my arse… I hope you all involved die from a thousand burning needles and gunshot wounds…