Hurricane Harvey makes landfall overnight in Texas

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The storm, now a Category 1, brings heavy rain and high winds to the Lone Star State.


  1. the eyes of the Ranger are upon you I don't think this storm is quite done yet so stay safe it is not the strongest storm to hit the city in 12 vs the next one's going to be the strongest

  2. Translation from the poor guy who drew the short straw in the storm "blah blah blah blah blah whss ghafgg naddsh jsessionid tassg Nashville jk gaff vadcv sober madcb lout".

  3. May God bless our wise and loving president, Donald Trump. Trump knows that global warming is a hoax perpetuated by the Chinese. Finally, we have a president that is wiser than any scientist since climate change is obviously a sham. That Paris Accord thing was such a waste of time. As a country led by the greatest president in history of humanity, we are finally back on the right track to burning coal again and as much as possible. And so what if the state of Florida is six feet under water five years from now. All of the environmentalists, scientists, climate experts, and libtards will blame it on our majesty and the second coming promised by God, our modern day Lord and High Commander in Chief; our savior that God Himself has delivered to us to make America Great Again, Donald Trump.

  4. The deep state left thru haarp is most likely controlling this storm because of the new TX immigration law which goes into effect in just a few days –  on Sept 1st

    .Hence why it will linger and has been upgraded. This is the reason for not many major hurricanes in the past decade –  is b/c they can break them up and steer them…if need be –  working in tandem with chemtrails.If you think it's just sci-fi then why does bill gates own at least 5 weather modification patents, relating to hurricanes specifically.Hence why it has been downgraded.

    While Good is born, the adversary will try and mask it!Oh yeah govi – write your slave # on your forearm so we can claim the collateral down at the DTC in NY.  NOT!