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World of Sport Wrestling (WOSW) has a rich history in the United Kingdom. It is how so many remember watching wrestling as children and now it is back. IMPACT Wrestling recently held a Press Conference regarding this new launch in the UK.


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  1. I'm sorry, I had to thumbs down this for one reason, the absolute shitty camera work, and YES I get to have an opinion because Film/TV/ Digital Media is my profession!! Its common sense but why would you keep the camera on the annoucer but not the talent?!? Doesnt matter what country it is done in, its pretty much the same. JB is the voice, but we dont need to see him, we need to see the talent. Big mistake.

  2. It's incredible to see how Jeff and Anthem have been turning Impact around in such a short time. From Impact being in the gutter, Dixie not being able to turn things around, starting to lose hope that things we'll ever get turned around, then she gets out of the picture and within a month's time Impact has relationships with multiple wrestling promotions like NOAH, Crash, AAA, WoS, etc. Exciting times.

  3. If they want to really forge the link between the old WOSW and the new version – the 'continuity' as it were – then on the first episode, open the show with Kendo Nagasaki performing a ritual Samurai blessing of the ring. Might mean nothing elsewhere but in the UK it would be a great and somewhat emotional moment.