Is There Finally HOPE For Cable TV? – TechNewsDay

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Cable TV’s demise has seemed inevitable for a while, but is there hope for the industry if they can do the impossible and suck less?

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Layer3 TV service


  1. Look, I dont care what the fuck you do, but I wont pay money for that shit, once they get our money they'll revert to shitty practices anyways.

  2. You kids keep beating this "much cheaper price" drum, but when I tried to cut the cable, my internet price doubled and when adding in Hulu and a NBC Sport streaming package my monthly payments came out to be $20 more than what I paid for my previous internet / cable TV package…

    Same thing when I tired Youtube TV, I saved $5/month but had to settle for 1/10th the channels cable offered, most of which were garbage… Cable has a lot of garbage channels too but at least you can pick out a few decent ones from the pile, with Youtube TV the pile is just too small…

  3. Eliot's beard is getting more and more pointed at the chin with every video.
    Obviously, he's not Eliot, but an alien shapeshifter. Reptilian, no doubt.