Island Hoping with Co-Pilot | LAPL Final Free Flight Part 1 | Flight Sim World

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    Welcome to Sim UK Today you will find Flight Sim World Gameplay on PC.

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    Title: Flight Sim World
    Genre: Simulation, Early Access
    Developer: Dovetail Games…


    1. I feel your pain (9 year old who thinks crashing is far more fun than flying)! Regarding your ATC issues, check your in-game audio settings. For some reason, the default seems to be to have the plane audio and ATC audio assigned to different audio outputs (e.g. plane to speakers; ATC to headphones). Fine for future real ATC maybe, but for now you probably want both set to the same output.

      Btw, for the test flight, you'll be expected to climb at full RPM and 75 knotts if I recall correctly. The moment I tried to cut back on the revs, I got a torrent of abuse from the examiner (well, a sarcastic comment actually).

      Happy flying!

    2. You've put me off FSW a bit now. I was thinking of getting it. I recently bought X-Plane 11, but as FSW was going cheap I was also going to get that too, just in case it turned out to be spectacular (eventually). I wonder what those problems you were talking about are… maybe it's DLC-related, knowing this company, but I picked up a vibe of something a little more personal. Hmm. I'm going to watch what happens for a while now. Anyway, thanks for the vid!

      Buy your daughter kittens! You know that you want them too, really ;). Woverly wikkle kittens!

      You don't have to apologise to me for the background noise. Any of us who have had kids know exactly what you are trying to cope with. They are great, but can be so bl**dy annoying XD

    3. Great video, don't worry about your daughters interruptions, you spend the first few years of there life's trying to teach them to talk and walk, then you spend the rest of there life's trying to get them to shut up and sit down. It's all good