Living a lie as male

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Transgender activist Donna Rose talks to CNN’s Drew Griffin about her transition after 40 years from man to woman.


  1. @xmistakittyx My genes are also XXY=not a man, but not a woman either.

    I cannot believe that you actually think that this is a choice you make. Gender identety is something that your brain is programmed to before birth, just as sexual orientation. It can go wrong and that will lead to a male body and female brain or vice versa.

    It is even genetically proven.

    So how can you even say that its a choice???

  2. @xmistakittyx I am not a guy, my brain is that of a womans. I almost killed myself because I was so disgusted of my body. Do not tell me that I could live my life as a male because I cant, you do not have any idea how hard it is to be born this way!

    Female and male brains are different, in a brainscan you can se that. And I have the brain of a female. How do you explain that?

    Just because you cannot understand doesnt make it less real.

  3. @1martuska Because you are not a man but a woman.

    You should seriously think about what you are saying.. We do not choose this, we are born like this.

    How would you feel to develop like a man whilst being a woman? it is HELL.

  4. @xmistakittyx I am trangendered and was born a guy. But only my body is that of a man. My brain is female and thats why you cant pretend being a guy!

    And I am DAMN proud over myself. But I was born with a defect, namely that my body developed like a mans body would. And btw not all of us are into men! I am into girls.

  5. The mistake people make is to believe that their opinion about others means anything whatsoever to anyone but themselves. Whether some 17 year old kid "gets it" or "accepts" something has nothing to to with anyone but him. If someone else decides to pronounce themselves as judge of who is what., again, the person they should feel sorry for is themselves. The day you start to live your live based on what others might think is the day you stop driving it and become a mere passenger. No thanks.

  6. I still have a problem understanding why a good looking man would want to change his sex to a not so attractive female ? This man will never be woman! It doesn't matter what surgery has done the reality is that this is a man trying desperately to be a woman. I feel sorry for his family.