Living & Working With the Latest 2016 Apple MacBook Air

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I have had the MacBook Air for a little over three months now and wanted to make a bite size video about how it stacks up against my dedicated editing (Windows) laptop in both day to day tasks, as well as more complex Photoshop and Premiere work.

Thank you for watching.

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  1. Aloha Neil!? FANTASTIC Review?! There is so much focus on HD screens, that people forget about the GREAT Macbook Air features, even for 2017; up to 3.2Ghz, 512GB storage, lightness/slim profile, etc…. Between the Macbook 12" (need of external type C hub), MacbookPro 13"(need of external type C hub), and MacBook Air 13"(NO need of external hub, ALL included), the Macbook Air 13" 2017, is overall, a FANTASTIC laptop for most people, and most people never fully use there laptops. Yes, in the next 5 years, most laptops will all have USB-C, hence, let us ENJOY the mighty ALL-INCLUSIVE MacBook Air 13"!!! Namaste?!

  2. awasum vid bud ….. really helpful …. you should consider uploading more often ….. its easy said than done …. but i really wish to see more of you videos ….. just wanna know have u faced any serious problem yet with ur macbook pro ?

  3. Just my two cents : the macbook air has the far best battery life of all macbooks.
    and if one buy the pro, he should consider the 2015 macbook pros, cause they have better battery time.
    the new pros has a thinner design with smaller batteries. And no, they dont have the promised 10 hours

  4. Hi, great clip & review. I'm tossing up at some stage this year (2017) about getting a Macbook Air. I'm a Film Student doing a Master of Moving Image (MMI) at the Sydney College of Arts – Rozelle Campus, The University of Sydney. As I have access to full sized iMac's at Uni (and an old 32 bit PC at home) I would use the "Air" for Data Wrangling footage and reviewing shots, lighting on location, but still with the capability to use Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 (it's also our official Editing App at Uni), so I found your review great in terms of Premiere, etc. It almost sounds like the "Air" is virtually a "Pro" Macbook. like it should be renamed: Macbook Air (Pro), in terms of the efficiency and synergy in how it works. I guess this may be because it's been around for a while now, all the hardware & software bugs (if any) have been fixed, etc. Strangely many products at the end of their life are often at their peak of performance, and then they get replaced. This also seems to be the case with the 2015 Macbook Pro, which seems to be re-earning respect and desirability, and it seems to be shining above the new 2016 Macbook Pro, despite it being a "superseded model", kind regards.

  5. I have my new MacBook Air i7 with 512 gigs SSD for over 2 weeks now and I must say that is it an excellent notebook computer and it is worth every penny. I have been using computers since the early 1980's and I used my first laptop computer in the late 90's and my MacBook Air is my best computer purchase ever! It's definitely the best looking computer ever built with an excellent keyboard, excellent overall speed and reliability and security! No need for an anti virus software and you don't have to worry about spyware too. I also bought an external monitor and it works flawlessly with an external monitor on clamshell mode with an external keyboard and mouse. With my external monitor, my display looks like an iMac with my BenQ GW2765HT.

  6. Great video man. Loved it. I Just got a new MacBook Air with 8GB memory and 256 SSD. Haven't even opened it yet. Is that the one you have? Is it true you don't need a virus protection program or does it come with one.

  7. The Air is currently the best bang for the buck if you must buy an Apple laptop. Now if only they'd drop the price by about $500 to bring it into parity with the PC world…sigh. Only way to get one at that price is to buy used or refurbed unit.

  8. The Macbook Air 13in has a 1440 × 900 screen, not 720p, big difference.

    Also, currently makes no sense to buy this laptop. It's fairly outdated, and you can get refurbished older Macbook pro's which are much faster, and that will cost fairly less.

  9. I just watched the video and i'm so excited to get mine in about 2 months. I'm getting the high end model (i7, 2.2ghz and 512gbssd though i wish i can upgrade it to the 1TB) all I need is the patience and time but man, looking forward to get it 🙂 I'm going to use it mainly for some photo editing and music production woot!

  10. hey
    i have already purchased this laptop
    i am an engineering student studying mechanical engineering
    so plz plz plz help me with this
    i want to know whether my macbook 2016 can run "solid work" software and if yes then how can i get it?

  11. Thank you so much my mom and dad weren't sure if I should get the MacBook Air of Santa that I really wanted then I showed them this video and they told me I could get it because they didn't know how useful it was thank you so much ?????

  12. Hi I bought a 13" Macbook Air Last week 8GB 256 SSD its perfect for my needs it has everything the average person needs ,SD card Slot excellent Battery life (12 hrs) and is easy to use. your right in what you say it just works no fuss

  13. hi mate just subbed to you great video I agree with what you say apple products just work I've got a I'm actually 4 k model and a iPhone 7 128 gig in can't fault them don't need security software on them that for me is a bonus all the best buddy from Nottingham UK

  14. I'm planning to get my new MacBook Air this week as my old Dell is dead. I can't afford the MacBook Pro or The MacBook 12 inch. Do you suggest I wait or buy it? (I'm gettting a good deal in my country)

  15. I'm 18 years old. I'm getting MacBook but I don't know which one !!! I want it maybe for traveling , for gaming , photo and video editing!!! I like MacBook Air but it's not Retina display !!!! I also like MacBook Pro Retina display but it's expensive !!! Could u help me out please ??