March 9th, 2017 Show Open | IMPACT March 9th, 2017

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The history, present and future of Impact Wrestling. What will happen as we enter this new era, this new day, this fresh start of Impact Wrestling? Prepare for the next 2 hours and the next 20 years!


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  1. totally disrespectful, not one clip to honor jeff hardy who sacrificed 7 years of his career in this company. me and most impact viewers only tuned in for him and aj styles. with the way they're treating hardys I'm done with impact wrestling

  2. im sensing some pretty crappy moments coming up, bad enough impact lost the hardys, mike bennett, maria and drew galloway and now we have to put up with alberto as champion

  3. So basically it's the Grand Re-Re-Re-Re Opening of "Impact Wrestling/TNA" until they have to rebrand themselves in a few months again? Also how does showing former wrestlers who used to work for you in a video package exactly help them?

  4. I've watched from the start and haven't watched weekly in about 6 years now. I don't get why they keep trying to resurrect TNA.. they have literally been doing this same jig for the past 5+ years. TNA was done in like 2013. I liked TNA and I have nothing against them.. but enough is enough lol 90% of the people they showed in the video package are gone.

  5. Aj styles , Samoa joe, Daniel, sabin, kazarian, sonjay dutt, sting ,Jeff jarret, christian, kurt angle, beer money, abyss, team 3d , mr anderson , rhino, RVD, sabu are the reason y TNA is still exist.

  6. That video package just showcased everything that made TNA great. TNA's X division redefined wrestling. All the high spots you see now, the speed up pace, the more focus on athleticism, all came with the rise of the X division. I really hope tna succeeds, they have a great batch of talent. I just hope they use them right and make some compelling storylines and create moments that will get them over.