Natural Gas Binds Europe to Russia Despite Crisis

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As the E.U. threatens sanctions against Russia, it is forced to reckon with the complex economic web binding the two powers, particularly over natural gas. Via The Foreign Bureau, WSJ’s global news update. Photo: AP

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  1. hmmm NAFTA could probably help out, the US NEEDS more gas production to lower the cost of manufacturing and Mexico could use the work to get more of their gas as well as Canada. so this seems like a good bid

  2. US can help the EU with Gas ! It all comes down to them, do they want to be depended on this huge aggressive bear, or to import Gas from US with possibly higher costs but be safe with the US allies .

  3. This is old news and faulty analysis.  Putin miscalculated.  This is not looking like a war or invasion but now an eviction.  Putin cannot invade Ukraine because he doesn't have the logistical support.  He does not want to face an active insurgency when he does capture some territory.  He cannot alienate his customers.  He cannot defend the pipelines that must deliver his product to his customers and the Russian speaking Ukrainians don't like him.  This will humiliate him and he will be in exile probably within the year.