North Dakota: Last Stop for Tourists

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In their quest to visit all of America’s 50 states, many tourists save North Dakota for last. Tourism officials are trying to make the best of it with the “Best for Last Club.” Photo: Natalie Andrews/The Wall Street Journal

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  1. I drove from Minneapolis to Winnipeg and drove the I94W to I29N via North Dakota. I stopped in Fargo and Grand Forks and really liked the people. I ran temporarily into difficulty crossing Pembina, ND into Emerson, Manitoba, Canada and ended up getting more ND time. I like the wide open spaces and Pembina had some good local restaurants. I braved the -30 degrees F to go into a nice warm Italian kitchen and get a warm North Dakota plate full of Spaghetti and it was REALLY good!

  2. Obviously you've never been to North Dakota. You shot a sunflower field, a visitors center and a bingo place. Areas that most people wouldn't go anyway. You completely forgot about Theodore Roosevelt National Park, the Missouri River, our many forts and Native American centers and villages, as well as the lakes. We may not have high class resorts that tourists want to waste their money at, but we do have nice people, beautiful nature and culture.