OVERWATCH Animated Short Cinematic MEI (Rise and Shine)

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    Overwatch Animated Short Cinematic MEI (Rise and Shine) Animation
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    1. Its my speculation, but i think overwatch will become f2p as soon as mei delivers thath chip to the world, with 9 years of data and bilions of people saved they will reinstate overwatch and recruit new members

    2. Overwatch has so much potential to have a legit single player story mode considering it has these wonderful characters but blizzard is jut not doing anything with it and its a damn shame what a waste

    3. Blizzard should stop releasing these separate to the game.
      Despite them being awesome and of high quality I can't help but to separate them completely from each other.
      How much time could they spend adding a simple set of objective you get to play as Mei on WP: Antarctica to unlock this cinematic.
      They are doing a horrible job with their game by treating their story/lore as completely separate and outside of their actual game.

    4. honestly, this was a pretty bland animated short, mei in general is not that really interesting of a character. On the other hand, someone like McCree or Torb are way more interesting.