Protesters rally around the country demanding to see President Trump’s tax returns

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The protests took place in about 150 cities and towns around the country with the singular goal of demanding that the president release his tax returns.


  1. Once upon a time in America the students protested war as it threatened all of humanity. Today they protest a tax return while we are on the eve of WWIII … pure insanity.

  2. Just when are these Cry Babies going to grow up?? If the Truth is told…President Trump's Taxes is none of their business!! There is NO LAW that says he has to release any Tax Papers to anyone except the IRS. Period. BUT he will release them..WHEN HIS AUDIT IS DONE!!! Now who can't understand that?? The Taxes of his from 1995 and 2005 were STOLEN, and no one found anything "Exciting" in them. So what do they think they will find in his 2016 Taxes?
    These Liberal "Paid to Protesters" are getting on most of the People's last nerve. WHEN are they going to Grow UP? Or do we have to stand up to them? Because the Trump Supporters WILL from now on stand up to them, and there WILL be Fights in the Streets! Is that what they want? They will NEVER get President Trump out of Office, and they will Never (Liberal Democrats) have control of the USA again! The Democrats have destroyed America for too long, and it will not happen again. These protesters are after day..finding one cause after another against our President Trump. May God wake them up as to their wrong cause.

  3. What a waste of time. They don't even know any worthy causes to to protest because like good little cult members they believed all that Obama did was gold. That's why I finally woke up and left the that lame ass corrupt cult party of the Democrats. Independent status now!

  4. What makes these people think that even if Trump were to release his taxes they would be able to understand them? DJT has hundreds of companies (some consolidated, some not) which also file returns and no doubt show hundreds of millions of $$$tax also paid. Do they think that DJT's tax returns resemble theirs in any way shape or form? These people demanding to see his returns would have to have a total understanding of items such as net operating losses, depreciation, depreciation recapture, consolidated statements, brother/sister corporations, capital loss and capital gains treatment, basis and basis adjustments just to name a few. The idea that a person who is not an EXPERT in tax could even begin to understand someone like Trump's tax returns with issues that span years, and in real estate, decades, is ridiculous, they may as well be reading ancient aramaic.

  5. I'm just saying, if you are gonna demand to see President Trumps tax returns you should make sure you pay taxes yourself, or I don't know maybe you should be an american citizen yourself this would eliminate 3/4 or more of the people at these protests.
    also when are we going to make it illegal to hire protesters off of craigslist and other sites in order to make it seem like way more people care about this than actually do.

  6. Notice the number of typical low IQ trolls… most of them idiots from Russia… who are "disliking" this report and making pro-Trump comments. ROTFLMAO Those bullet worthy jackasses are not fooling anyone! Nuke Russia Now!

  7. Obama is far worst than Trump but you don't see this kind of rally on the street by conservatives. Why on earth are Liberals, Socialist, Globalist and Communist do this kind of things they are so hateful, annoying and down right violent in so many of their lame protest across the country before, during and after the election…….what a bunch of sore losers, this are really dumb stupid idiots who don't have nothing else in life to do but keep creating ideological nightmare for all of us….go home you morons and look for something else positive to do in life……….enough with all your  "lies and evil propagandas"

  8. to everyone who commented on my reply……..
    This is a free country built on capitalism. Trump is a business man. He has the right to run his business as he sees fit. If he has made "deals" with other countries then that's his business. You don't pay his bills or his taxes. If he had done anything wrong or criminal in his past then he would've been prosecuted by the law. Especially with this witch hunt that the Democrats and cry ass liberals are on every day since their witch didn't win the election. None of you cry assed when it took lying ass Obama until his second term to show his birth certificate which was proven to been a fake. The problem with you all is that you've been fed lies for years and now you can't accept the truth. Trump is a great president. That's the truth. Everyday he's doing something to benefit ALL Americans not just the one who support him. That's more than Hillary or Obama can say.

  9. Those aren't people who want to see his tax returns. They are just trouble makers. It is not required, haters! Get your little paychecks from Soros and go away. It's a flicking joke what you rioters do now. I see older people there. Shame on you! Go volunteer your time for a worthy cause. Get over it! You are only embarrassing yourselves.

  10. If there was a war between democrats and republicans. It's an easy win for republicans. Oh wait the racist demofats lost the civil war against the Republican Party. So the republicans are winning, nvm.

  11. ok I'm trump supporter and even I already know trump used our laws to find loopholes to get out of paying all his taxes! I would bet money on it but who cares unless he did it illegally

  12. I hope the trump loyalist will be armed with firearms and the police ordered to look the other way . This anti trump protest are running thin now , I can see protesting for something really worthwhile , but these people / anti trump protesters , their doing more harm than good , their just making themselves look like lunatics and the liberal leftist democrats , if this keeps up I can't wait till 2020 , the right will plow right over the left , no matter who will be running.

  13. Again, the Trump supporters show how stupid they really are in this comments section. Nobody wants to see his taxes to bitch about the amount of taxes he pays, Nobody cares about how charitable he is. We want to see his taxes to see where his money is coming from and where it's going. If he were receiving money from associates of Russia, or giving money to associates of Russia, it would show up in his taxes.

    Just another example of how ignorant Trump supporters really are. They think they understand the issues, when they never do.