Spicer: Not even Hitler used chemical weapons

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White House press secretary Sean Spicer said not even Adolph Hitler used chemical weapons in World War II the way Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons on his own people.


  1. CNNs special move clip editing
    What he was meaning was hitler didn't go out and drop gas in the middle of town like asshad did if you watch the whole press conference and your not stupid you can tell that's what he means

  2. The German's didn't refrain from using chemical weapons in WWII, because of moral qualms. They didn't use chemicals on the battlefield because they are not not very effective tactical weapons.

  3. Spicer! Your cockiness is going to ruin your career! KUSHNER TOLD HIS FATHER IN LAW TO MAKE SPICER APOLOGIZE! ???Trump!!! Please stop pissing off Jewish people! ?Please stop talking about Obama!? Please stop running up the travel budget with golf games!?⛳️??

  4. For lack of a better picture, he's like a lifeguard who can't swim, HOW on earth did he EVER get a gig as a spokesperson?!? On a positive note, very well pointed out CNN, thanks for that!

  5. Idiots, 90 people here are fucking idiotic, why can't you tucking think or research before trumping your stupid comment. I just got so raged and tired from this menace and trolls. He meant the sarin and tabun gas which was meant for the battlefield. Not the gas for the Jews fucking cocksuckers. And I like how CNN cut the moment when he said about sarin, hah

  6. This is the administration our uneducated elected to keep us safe? The electoral college needs to be re-mapped. The popular vote is not as irrelevant as current zoning would have us believe.

  7. why is he even mentioning hitler in this conversation and am african have read a bit of history to know such issues should never be brought up … Republican white men they will say and do anything to defend eachother… yesterday it was trump defending bill if they werent white i wouldhave called them thugs … then i remember anyone can be a thug …

  8. Actually Hitler did use chemical weapons. The U.S. currently uses pepper spray and tear gas as a first response on people simply exercising their rights. And phospherous bombs dropped in the Middles East are also chemical weapons.