T-Mobile CEO on the company’s new strategy

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Maggie Lake caught up with John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, about his aggressive attempts to turn the company around.


  1. Business is business, calm the fuk down. A company can charge whatever they want is long as there is competition, and people that are willing to pay the price for the product. If you have a better price and better product, then just do it. Don't make such a big fucking deal about it. You get what you pay for. at and t has a better network.

  2. Thank goodness I never upgraded to sprint and it was a good thing I got the special offer at tmobile early this month and I thinkni just consume more the 4 gb of data, dislike sprint 150 percent thank goodness I switch!!

  3. All tmobile needs is better single and LTE in more places. Tmobile is decent in my area. Sometimes I get edge like Wtf in some areas. If some with a newer galaxy iphone or htc they sound clear. They need better service to become onto the cell phone market