This Movie App Belongs On Your Fire Stick Period! The End Of Kodi Is Near

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    Could this little known kodi alternative be the best movie and tv streaming app for your Fire Stick? Watch your favorite shows and movies on your fire stick without the headaches. We break it down, and show you how to get beautiful HD streams with no buffering and no Kodi. You can install this app on your android device as well and stream directly to your chromecast. Tired of kodi addons that just don’t work, or constantly updating add- ons and repositories ? We have a game changer on our…


    1. It may be a dumb question but, am I suppose to put http:// before the url, I noticed you didn't. Thanks! I downloaded your
      sports tutorial and have been watching NFL, MLB games with NO BUFFERING!!! Cant wait till the regular season starts!

    2. I've been subbed for a bit. Your channel is great. Terrarium and mobdro is pretty much all you need. Real simple, clean and easy to use too. Add downloader, mouse toggle and Chrome browser and your good to go. Keep up the great work!

    3. I know I asked you when you sleep being that you're always uploading very informative videos you reply very quickly was when you said you'll sleep when you're dead and I hear you and I feel the same way… We've got plenty of time to sleep when we're going to the other side that's why I'm up at 3am checking out your videos as informative as they always are and yeah just got it up and running! Nice I've been looking for a new standalone to replace kodi besides modbro and chrome launcher for xyz and this is running smooth looks like a great stand alone app away from kodi, couldn't ask for more and do check my previous posting regarding an easier option with regard to playing the streams and not having to click on that particular link below but the red circles as explained in my post thing below any questions hit me up it's a lot easier than going down to the link and also when clicking on the red play circle you get to choose from a pop-up window, different streams/links or shall I say pops up and gives you the option for multiple links so if the first one, the default one isn't very clear I noticed that after chose a different link it came back crystal clear so that's another option! Thank you again you are the man and as always your tutorials and videos are on the money and a huge help so again thank you for all the great work you put into your Channel, your continued search for better and more stable connections with new content for the community, be it Sports, movies, etc… Thank you again brother!
      Been a subscriber, sharing since I've found your channel!

    4. RD another great streaming service away a d standalone from Kodi.
      I know you said you'll slow when you're dead and I feel the same way being that I just finished loading this new set up. One thing I motices, when you pick your movie you see the three red circles, one a with star, one with a play arrow and the third is to share..
      You don't have to click on the link even though it's the same thing.
      What's different about clicking the red play circle is you get a choice of different servers menu pops up and you have more than one link to chose from. I noticed it when I started streaming a movies and noticed the clarity wasn't bad but could have been alot better… I clicked on the the red play circle, chose a different link and bam, clear as daylight.
      You can use your mouse toggle to click on the red circles. You and I are definitely going to sleep one day… I'm up at 3am checking your vids…. Great tutorial and video RD… As always you're the man! Been a sub, sharing and notification always on for a bit now! God bless… And keep up the great work… You're efforts are truly appreciated. You dude!