Tillerson, Trump reveal new stance on Russia

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CNN’s Dana Bash reports on President Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s shifting views on Russia.


  1. if cnn is fake then why did sean spicer compare asaad to hitler??? every news station covered this and he got caught and made a total fool of himself on national television!!! no you right wing idiots are in denial about alot of the truth that CNN and other news outlets tell?

  2. We will never get alarmng with russia because globalists don't want us to.

    After trying to pin that Gas attack on Assad, there is no way.

    Sorry trump your not different from any other guy playing the "russia friends song"

  3. the us willing to called a spade a spade laughable… blocking immigrant from 5 Muslims state but not Saudi when majority of 9,/11 perpetrators are from that country.. zzzz are the american public so stupid

  4. Do this people even read comments here on their videos?
    Many of the people don't think Putin is a bad man. Yes he is a killer but Trump is also a killer. Since Trump is president he killed people in Iraq, Yemen, Syria….he killed lots of people already so don't come with this bullshit calling a spade a spade. You Americans don't even have the guts to call a terrorist a terrorist anymore. The freedom fighters in Syria are not freedom fighters at all just like in Afghanistan there were no freedom fighters in the 80's, they were Al Qaida and Taliban and now in Syria they are IS and FSA.
    Russia is fighting terrorists in Syria and I don't care what our politicians say, facts on the ground tell me that the Syrian army/Russia and SDF/America are the good guys and the rest are terrorists.
    You can be in favour of the Syrian army/Russia or SDF/America but the fact is that they are the only sides not fighting each other but they are at war with all other Jihadist groups like IS and the FSA.
    Syrian army and SDF are also the 2 sides that are on the winning hand and that is a good thing, it doesn't matter what the view of politicians are because for the people it's a good thing the Syrian army and SDF prevails.
    Even CNN knows they are lying and they know what are the facts on the ground, with the liberation of Aleppo they were alongside the Syrian army and not with the so called freedom fighters when CNN were reporting from Aleppo.
    If I know what is going on in Syria then CNN must know too but they just refuse to call a spade a spade to the public.

  5. President Trump is not being manipulated by the opinions of the news media. Conformity to the strategic reasoning of CNN and like news media specifically. Maintaining a hardened and hostile, antagonistic posture towards anyone will put them on notice and you will not be able to engage them in any kind of discussion. Attacking Putin, Russia's leader publicly, serves no real purpose.

  6. whats new there ? USA need new slaves it stages fake attacks coups and so on ..so what exactly changed ?

    and so being KBG= thug .. so CIA = Thugs ? bravoo

  7. So why did Tillerson then recently have an UNSCHEDULED and UNDOCUMENTED meeting with Putin behind closed doors for over 7 hours? Was it so they could go over their new strategy as how best to distract people from Trump and his collusion with Putin, and to go over the various orders Putin had for Trump to carry out? The answers is yes, yes they did.

  8. I love how Donald doesn't step up to vlad the Impaled, and the little bit of criticism that does emanate from his office is minimal at best and now that he has done that people will try and say if Russia had something on trump he wouldn't have launched that attack on Syria which did nothing to impact the airbase 50 something misses and it's back up and running so just because he launched an attack to 1 make Obama seem weak even though Obama did what everybody is mad at Trump for not doing and that's going to Congress to seek authorization and it was Congress who denied President Barack Obama the ability to do anything in Syria so when people blame President Obama because the narrative by the Republican party is being pushed just remember it was them and set up Barack Obama after I made that Redline comment it was the Republicans and if you don't think that the Russians would let Donald trunk shooting in air base hit nothing just so he can kind of show and investigation hey look at me then Donald Trump would definitely do that and letting your poodle would more likely allow it as well

  9. Fuck you, CNN. Should a shooting war break out, there will be blood in your hands. Let's just hope Putin hits you first so we can all laugh as the radiation peels off our flesh from our bones when this all goes to hell!

  10. Putey has got Trumpee by the balls. That is why Trumpee is reluctant to go full hog! All those photos of hookers weeing on him. Uncompromising. Just wait – he cannot risk them tapes being released. That's probably what Rexie was sent to retrieve!! Boy – America!! Time to put two and two together!

  11. 20 Trillion in the hole. The terrorist jews that run every facet of our country, need a war. It's called coercion. They will do a false flag on the west coast and blame N.Korea. Greater Israel at all the goyim cost. Alway's has alway's will. Untill you wake.

    The Jewish people as a whole will be its own messiah. It will attain World domination by the dissolution of other races and by the establishment of a World republic, in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition.
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  12. let me see if i have this SHIT right :
    CNN thinks the potus states should cut down Putin calling "a spade a spade" especially while Tillerson is in Russia for negotiations?
    Does that sound like anyway to get anyone from your boss, neighbor, girlfriend, ex's, people that love you/people that hate you, to do what you want them to??????
    The President of the Untited States of America should be calling The president of RUSSIA out right now? Are they fucking serious??? This is the most ignorant stupid pathetic SHIT I've EVER heard!!!

  13. Hey Trump, you moron, Putin never said you were a genius. The translation of what he said in Russian is "Donald Trump is a bright shiny bauble." He was making fun of your stupid, colorful, con-man rants. That's not a compliment buddy.

  14. Scout Honor
    I will do my best to do my duty for god and my country and obey scout law. To help other people at all times. To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morraly straight. Hmm

  15. Scout Honor
    I will do my best to do my duty for god and my country and obey scout law. To help other people at all times. To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morraly straight. Hmm