Too Many International Students in the U.S.?

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In places like California, many people worry the influx of international students is depriving qualified American youths of slots in top schools.

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  1. That assemblywoman Toni Atkins(they spelt her name wrong) is a total ignorant and racist cunt for saying that 'chinatown' quote. Typical hypocritical Democratic politician mouth-full of political correctness and yet twisted-minded with ultimate racism and stereotypes.

  2. At my school there are tons and I mean tons of Chinese and Korean students who don't associate with any Americans and pretend not to speak English, stick to themselves and are generally kind of rude. I've met nice guys from Pakistan on the other hand and other parts of the world but for some reason the Asians are rude. And I am half Japanese, so I am considered Asian and they still are rude to me

  3. saying that there are too many foreigners is SO racist and unamerican! We gain so much knowledge and trade, we should be welcoming foreigners and becoming foreigners when we vacation.

  4. This problem is going to raise much more important questions for the future. Like, What's going to happen to the next American generation of inventors, Philosophers, Doctors…etc

    I don't think we should stop foreigners from coming into the U.S. to get an education but where does that leave the U.S. if these students go back home and create their future in their country? Who is going to Invest, for this countries future here?

  5. The simple answer is to grow the system to serve all these awful people who want us to accept their awful money for a full price education. Can't do that, it would be capitalism.

  6. Since international students pay out-of-state tuition (about three times as much). Lowering the number of international admissions might lead to budget problem. I know UC-Berkeley was having that sort of problem in recent years.