Trump: ‘What a Crowd, What a turnout’ – BBC News

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President Donald Trump is in Texas to see the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, now downgraded to a tropical storm.
It has brought flooding to the state, leaving at least nine people dead.
Thousands have been forced to flee their homes in the Houston area while rescuers are trying to reach others that remain stranded.

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  1. Fake news BBC and the sorts bots are at it again. I think the left want to see Trump go on holiday and play golf rather than supporting flood victims like Obama did.

  2. A lot of people lost everything. Some lost loved ones. He's talking about the CROWD SIZE? What the HELL is wrong with him? Is he even Human? NO empathy? If he's such a "billionaire" and "I'm so rich" why is he not donating it? A lot of people need basic necessities, but don't hear him forking it out. I'm sure IF he ever donates, he'll do it in front of all the news outlets in Trump Tower so everyone can see it.
    He was not even in The Situation Room at White House. Only Mike Pence was there. Why? Because TRUMP NEEDS HIS WEEKEND VACATION, every DAMN weekend. He's such a SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE. White privilege much? If Obama ever said and did the things TRUMP gets away with, he's be IMPEACHED so fast.
    Even when he knows the Hurricane Harvey is coming. He must have his vacation. How hypocritical, when he accuses Obama of his few and far in between vacations compared to Trump's EVERY WEEKEND vacation to HIS OWN Properties, which he's getting the money into his own pockets, when the tax payers funded his vacations.

  3. Seems like a perfectly reasonable comment to me. He could very well have been remarking about the crowds size given the conditions. I genuinely don't see anything wrong with it.

  4. Instead of wasting money on a stupid wall or military actions in wars, you could use all that money to build again all the texan citizens' homes. C'mon Trump, don't be the next Bush.