Trump’s travel straining Secret Service budget

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A report from USA Today says that travel by President Trump and his family has strained the Secret Service budget so much that they will not be able to pay hundreds of agents tasked with protecting the first family. CNN’s Brian Todd has more.


  1. feel bad for those agents having to work hours they're not going to get paid for… that's a shame regardless if you're a federal employee or a regular employee of any company.

  2. I swear people just love attacking this man. Do you really think the secret service is broke? They are employed by the federal government so they will never not get payed. I never knew we could run out of taxpayer dollars this quickly. If we did then people must not be paying taxes.

  3. Freedom doesn't mean you can do and say whatever you want. That's called anarchy. The secret service was going broke during the Obama administration. I'm not a Republican nor a Democrat but you can clearly see here that CNN is very divisive in its reporting on President Trump.

  4. CNN, do you remember the Obamas spending close to 100 million dollars, on extravagant vacations over their eight years of living off the tax payers? You were not concerned about them, but you are concerned about President Trump going to his own homes, etc… President Trump never vacations. He always works. CNN is a joke.

  5. I have the solution to the black people, white people economic imbalance. ALL of the ANTI Trump people who are white, give your jobs to black people, as well as any wealth that you have. You hate America's history, but YOU are not PERSONALLY giving anything to the descents of slaves. Do this act of love for your fellow black person. Put your money and jobs behind your loud mouths. YOU are racist if you don't.

  6. Hey CNN how's your budget? I Hope it's not effected by your ratings… Oh yeah, do you intend to do a piece on your relationship with Kessler? You remember him right? He was the organizer of the white supremacist fiasco in VA. You remember him right? He reported for you during the Occupy Wall Street Bowel Movement then suddenly flipped after Trump won. How or what did you do to him to make him to join the other side so quickly?

  7. Democrats warn Bannon against publishing classified information

    "Steve Bannon has an ongoing obligation to safeguard our nation’s secrets, and he does not gain some kind of extra Constitutional protection just because he is now returning to a position in the media,” said Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., the senior Democrat on the House Oversight Committee.

    … can anyone explain this SUDDEN CONCERN over secrecy? …
    … no problem with commey, mueller, etc. … WHY NOW? …

    Now there's some full blown HYPOCRISY there boys, truly full blown.

    Dems In full press CYA, what do you think they are trying to hide?

    That's right Democratic slaver –
    keep pimping for the party of KKK and
    Nazi's. Is the congressman on the take
    for Soros, like BLM & Fascist-Antifa,

    Democrats & secrecy sounds like an
    oxymoron. How exactly does that

  8. This is the signaling of an assassination, Dont know how they could possibly talk about lack of money when Obama is dumping Billions of dollars on Iran and they have plenty of money to be in constant wars. Never in your life have you heard of a budget issue for Secret service Unbelievable.

  9. Why don't we just replace all the secret service with less expensive (at least temporarily) illegal immigrant labor like we have here in CA with our construction, landscaping, restaurant, and agriculture – that seems to be the way we deal with labor issues in this country? As a further note, Trump should be put on a budget.

  10. Clinton News Network, what about Hussein taking more vacations than any President in history? What about Michael Obama having 72 personal assistants on the tax payers' payroll? What about the mother in law and other family members living in the house? I guess you also forgot Trump turned down the Presidential salary in favor of giving it to the VA instead. Guess all that must've slipped your mind. FAKE NEWS!!!

  11. This is exactly why people should pay attention in government class. Trump has done nothing for the country but ride the coattails of what  Obama started. People forgot it was Obama that saved the car companies and thousands of  jobs.  We were in a deep recession when Obama was elected.This fall you should start to see what Trump economics really look like.

  12. This CNN report was factual and did not contain any bias or "opinionated" words. For all the shjtheads crying fake news and shjts – where's the "fake?" what's the truth? (on this topic, btw. I know most of u probably think "earth is flat" is the true, but I ain't talking about that.)

  13. Trump pays for private security on top of his normal budget for security. eat shit and Die CNN fake news. Obama burned through trillions and this fake news outlet did not care.

  14. Trump so damn rich why he make them pay thas disgusting! They got his six n gotta pay for rooms meals etc thas bullshit. Follow his fuckin fam clan on all they vacays they going down