United CEO felt ‘shame’ after seeing passenger dragged off plane

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Oscar Munoz tells ABC News exclusively, “This can never and will never happen again on a United Airlines flight.”


  1. This is such a BS interview. United stocks have plunged because of this issue. This CEO is trying to put a new kinder face on his company to counter the over whelming negative public reaction to Dr Dao not just being removed from the plane but having his nose broken and getting a concussion in the process. I wouldn't take a United flight if it were the only one available.

  2. United Airline's employees fucked up royally, so now the CEO is apologizing because he's afraid to loose his job. He wasn't apologizing right after it happened. Thank God for camera phones…

  3. Kicked the customer out then made room for their own employees….seriously. If an airline doesn't care about the customer then this company doesn't deserve to be in the business

  4. They also downgraded a 94 y.o filipina granny suffering of arthritis and backpains from business class to economy cause they dont wanna assist her needs. The old lady endured 16 hours of pain, feet swollen and all they offer is a refund of $500 for the downgrade.. such a shame..!!! This airline is bunch of racist!!!

  5. Yeah he's sorry NOW after losing a 700 millions. I will never fly united to save a few dollars. Treating your elders in that manner is unacceptable and triggers me.

  6. Oscar Munoz admitted fault to a incident large enough to damage the airline, he should resign. If he doesn't, Dr. Dao's well-to-do children (most are physicians), along with his wife who is also a physician, should each contribute $1 million to hire a team of the best lawyers in the country to forcibly remove Oscar Munoz from his post. Additionally, criminal charges need to be laid on the individual who physically beat Dr. Dao, when he was not endangering himself or any other passengers, but an inordinate amount of force was used against him.

  7. I'm ashamed that in America all those people that watched this happen couldn't do anything to stop it. The police all over the country are granted immunity to be violent towards citizens and this needs to change

  8. I totally agree he's only sorry for all the money the company lost in the stock market. shame on United airline for over booking , incompetent airport cops, the incompetent infight crew should resign…