US citizen detained in Honduras claims she’s been falsely arrested

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Amanda Laroque was on her way back home to Raleigh, North Carolina when she was stopped by Honduran authorities in the Roatan Airport under suspicion that she had cocaine in a container with valuables called a “can safe.”


  1. There's no reason for her to buy expensive US cocaine, put it in a can, and then smuggle it into Honduras. Lol. These are BS charges. Let this be a TRAVEL WARNING to anyone who is thinking about visiting or investing in Honduras.

  2. Concrete versus Cocaine! Why is the dog loosing it? Cocaine possession is not a funny thing in Honduras! Particular in Roatan, one of the Bay Islands! Honduras version of Hawaii. As far as investing! Many rich and wealthy from Hollywood have properties there! Not buying the concrete story! dogs know the difference between plastic and cocaine! Besides the dogs are trained by the D.E.A. by The United States authorities! If a Honduran immigrant got caught in American soil he would be treated by the police under American laws! Those are, at the end of the day rules international laws between Honduras and The United States of America! Someone made the comment that Honduras is one of the most dangerous countries in the world? Before you go around stereotyping and throwing negative publicity! Let us look our own backyards here in America! Virginia Tech, Columbine and Pulse night club just to name a few! There is good and bad! Everywhere! Funny how Paris, France has been hit and Germany yet that's where the massacres happen but you give the "Dangerous Crown" to Honduras! Look at the crime rate of the big American cities? Do your research and let's not be partial! Let's be realistic and be serious! let's be objective of this situation! But no she will not be beaten like she would have, if this would have had happened in a Muslim country! Lucky for her The United States has excellent international relations with Honduras! I hope for her husband that this is a misunderstanding! But if she is lying she should do the time! Just like Hondurans do the time here in the U.S.A. Fair is fair! It will not set a good example and it will be bad for international relations!

  3. Stupid white pigs. Whites are well known for doing and smuggling drugs everywhere in non-white world. White orange pigs are even busy smoking opioid right now opioid crisis. Whites pigs playing the victim again. Ge~t ou~t.

  4. Dumb white pigs. Get out from non-white countries. White pigs are not welcome everywhere committing crimes all over the world. Build the wall! Build the wall!

  5. You can trick the people but the dog? They are trained to detect cocaine only, actually these dogs are trained by US trainers. So if this woman was trafficking drugs, she deserves to be there, Roatán is the safest place in Honduras, so she shouldn't be afraid for her life.

  6. Hahaha Who goes to Honduras from America? Only drug traffickers. Overcome by the heat? You knew it was hot before you went there. Locals treating her like some damsel in distress. You're supposed to be hot. It's jail.